Best Friends Forever Quotes

Best Friends Forever Quotes for a Special Friend (2021)

Friends are important parts of our lives with whom we’ve experienced jolly good and bad times. Friends are the family you chose to have: gifts to be nurtured and treasured. They are your chums, playmates, colleagues, childhood buddies, schoolmates, girlfriends or boyfriends: people who have your back at all times, even when the odds are stacked against you.

Appreciating them is what you do to show you value the impact your friend made in your life. It’s great when you have friends who love you unconditionally. That’s why you should say something special to your BFF who always has your back, even when the odds are stacked against you, these ones that know you like the back of their palms.

Good friends are worth their weight in gold. It’s great to let your bestie know you appreciate an unforgettable or sacrificial deed done for you. Special friends are more valuable for the impact made than thousands of meaningless or draining relationships. Life would be totally boring with no exciting friends to make it fun, adventurous, and meaningful. Good friends are your inner circle friends you relate with, without care or fear. Best friends forever quotes are for them.

Best friends top the list: the cream of the inner circle. Your best friends forever are for keeps, not for grabs. They are the icing on the cake of meaningful friendship, the salt that saves the soup from blandness and the seasoning that brings out the natural taste of good food. Your best buddy is your pal/wingman, tested and trusted. Heap the accolades on your best friend that didn’t allow you to derail in the past.

So, your bestie is indescribably special. They are your confidants and supporters; acting in your best interest, available in every situation or holding your hands with zero judgement. They’d support you openly and criticise you privately when you good.

Your best friends forever are those unique few that will go to bat for you; just a call from you, they’d leave everything they are doing at the drop of a hat; friends you don’t try too hard to please or impress; the ones you lean on, with the wide shoulders to cry on.

Life has many twists and turns. A smooth journey in career, health or relationship could be soured by life’s curveball. Your seemingly cheerful special friend may be going through unimaginable tough times he/she’s trying hard to hide.

A loving and inspiring best friend forever quotes is the magic that will help them to snap out of the gloom. Even if your best friend is upbeat, your loving words will be the highlight of their day, knowing how much they mean to you.

Want to put a smile on your best buddy’s face? Are you feeling nostalgic reminiscing about the good times with bestie? Care to brighten your best friend’s day with your loving words? Need them to know how much you appreciate their staunch support over the years? Are you feeling emotional about memories of loving and being loved by your bestie, with whom you’ve weathered many a storm? Want to put a smile on your BFF today? You need no special occasion to let bestie know he/she means the world to you. Now is the best time. Here are 100+ cute 2021 best friend forever quotes for a special friend.

Best Friends Forever Quotes With Images

Outstanding friends with sterling qualities deserve thumbs up. These touching quotes for best friend forever will add a sparkle to the hearts of those special beyond compare. Amazing best friends forever quotes with images

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1. If a friendship has a goal, form or definition, you are a perfect fit. “In you, I hit the BFF jackpot.” Thank you for being my friend in all seasons, for every reason. You are my best friend forever, to the very end.

2. Some friends are for a season; while some are for a reason. It can be short and full of impact or lifelong. From childhood to adulthood, you are my best friend forever. No end in sight.

3. I have seen it all: friends come and go. Friendships come in different shapes, sizes, colours, hues and characters. You are all shades of special, too awesome to for description. You are my best friend till forever!

4. Friendships can be deep or shallow; intimate, fleeting or casual. It can be for life or for the briefest of time. Connection and impact make all the difference. You are a friend in a trillion, my best friend till eternity!

5. We were an unlikely magical pair; different in every way but connected in special ways. Common grounds are established, making the differences pale in comparison. You are my best friend forever until eternity calls.

6. Opposites attract, sparks flew and bonds are formed that cannot be unglued. You are my best friend forever, no one comes remotely close or ever will.

7. You’re all shades of special, a friend worth having in my corner. Time and circumstances have proved your worth and weight in first-grade gold. You earned this badge: you are my best friend till forever.

8. You mean the world to me and I can’t appreciate you enough. You are a friend that sticks closer than a brother. Thanks for watching my back always, buddy. You are my best friend forever!

9. You are a genuine friend redefined: for your brand loyalty and unflinching support; fierce protectiveness and pure love. I’m glad you are my bestie forever.

10. A loving, fun-loving, intelligent and smart friend lighting up his pal’s world with radiant brilliance, deserves a medal. There’s never a dull moment with you, you are my best friend forever.

Best Friends Forever Messages

Ginger your amazing friend with deep friendship quotes to make him/her feel he/she is so special to you. These best friends forever messages quotes will do a perfect job.

11. For what you are and all you do, you’ve earned a lifelong ticket to my affection and loyalty. You are my best friend forever.

12. You broke down my keep off, no interest in friendship cocoon, wriggled yourself into my personal space and heart. Undaunted by my aloofness scare you off, you crept closer still till my defences were worn out and I got hooked to you. You are my best friend forever.

13. You are caring, discerning and perceptive; you know my every mood and second, guess all my moves. You are my angel, my best friend forever. Glad to have you in my corner.

14. You are a rare breed, a treasure and an all-weather friend. I bless the day we met and bonded. You have a permanent residence in a special place in my heart. It’s forever.

15. ‘A friend in need, is said to be a friend indeed’. Reminds me of you. Just that you are much more. Amazing, priceless and invaluable, you are my best friend till forever.

16. In a fickle world of fake friends, outright deceptiveness, bogus claims and treachery, you are a breath of fresh air. Tested, proved and genuine, you top the scanty list of my exclusive friends’ circle. You are my best friend forever.

17. Yours is a refreshing find: a genuine friend proved worthy by time and life’s school of hard knocks and quirks. You are priceless and dear, my best friend forever.

18. I can trust you with my life, and that sums you up. In a world where seemingly genuine friends turn out to be fake; you are an invaluable one. You are my forever best friend.

19. In countless ways and thousands of times, you have been consistently there for me in and out of season. You are my best friend forever.

20. You are hopelessly optimistic and unwaveringly supportive. You are a trustworthy friend with proven track records. You are my bestie for life. You rock.

Status On Best Friends Forever

Be a jolly fellow; light up your best friend’s world with soul captivating and witty status on best friends forever to remind them how special they are to you.

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21. You are witty, funny, smart and ambitious. Hanging out with you is refreshing, inspiring and energising. Besides chocolate, you are my favourite and best friend forever!

22. In the exclusive friendship club, you are a rarity. I’m glad we met and connected in a special way. I am privileged to be your best friend forever. You are a rare gem, friend.

23. You influence my life positively. Now, my goals are well-defined and my dreams are flying on high achievement mode. Truly, one is who one’s friends are. You are my best friend forever.

24. Calling you a friend sounds casual and sacrilegious. You are more than a friend; you are my destiny helper. I can’t trade you for a shot of the finest whiskey, or for anything in the world. You are my best friend forever.

25. You are a friend like no other. There’s never a dull moment with you. You are different shades of fun, amusing and entertaining; with a rare blend of sensitivity and sensibility. You are my made in heaven best friend forever.

26. You are my ever bright spot in a radiant or gloomy space, my fallback when all else fails. You inspire and encourage me in amazing ways. A truer friend exists nowhere. You are my best friend forever. My bestie.

27. You are fun to be with; dark clouds are dispelled when you are around. No antidepressant drug can top up your presence. You ace it, friend. You are my best friend forever!

28. My history will never be complete without several chapters dedicated solely to you. You are an integral part of my success story; the best, juicy and intriguing parts. It’s a great honour being your best friend. For me, it’s forever.

29. You are a wonderful friend. You rock my world with brilliant ideas, life-changing connections and great impact; with lots of fun to boots! You are my best friend forever!

30. No one is to be trusted, but you are an exception. I’ll gladly take a bullet for you and I know the sentiment is mutual. You are my right-hand buddy and my best friend forever.

31. The years have gone by. The storms came and the blazing sun shone through. Life’s numerous twists and turns only made our friendship waxed stronger. The cord remains unbroken. You are the best bestie ever, you rock!

32. We’ve been through it all: we fought, laughed, cried and jubilated through different seasons of life. Together, we’ve negotiated life’s twists and turns as a team. You are my best friend forever; no one comes even close!

33. We have stuck together, like two peas in a pod. We celebrate the good times and sweat out the bad times together. We have each other’s back, rock-solid shoulder to lean on at all times. Having you as my best friend forever is the best gift ever.

34. You are a friend like no other: too special for words, too good to be true, an angel in human form. Large heart, slow to anger, quick to reconcile, never one to hold a grudge, and fiercely loyal. I’m glad to have you as my bestie forever.

35. You are the sunshine of my life You mean the world to me. Thanks for allowing me into your inner circle and transforming my life. You are my best friend forever.

36. Good people deserve good things. Heaven shall reward your demonstration of love with divine blessings. You are my best friend ever, and it’s forever.

37. I don’t look like what I’ve been through because of staunch support from rare friends like you. I bless the day we met. You are my best friend forever.

38. You are a great friend; trustworthy and reliable. I don’t know what I’d possibly do without you. You are my bestie for life.

39. You smoothen the worry lines from my eyes, while your calm smile chases the lingering shadows away. My joy knows no bounds since you’ve been my special friend. You are my best friend.

40. With friends like you, depression, high blood pressure, mental problem and suicide, would go out of fashion. You are amazing in every way, my best friend forever.

Best Friends Forever Quotes That Will Make You Cry

Care for an emotional best friends forever quotes that will make that special friend of yours cry? Ginger your friendship goals with this irresistible quotes.

41. A friend, confidant and mentor; all rolled into one. Aren’t I blessed to have you as my best friend forever! You rock, bestie as no other!

42. You bring out the best in me at all times. Nobody is as special to my heart like you. I’m forever grateful to have you as my best friend forever.

43. A friend is one who shows up when one is helpless, hapless and needy, wearing the zero judgement cap. We haven’t known each other for long but you already won the title of being my best friend forever. You are my bestie in every sense of the word.

44. Your friendship, love and support, gives me wings to fly. Your connections open doors that help me to soar. You are a special gift from God, my adorable best friend forever.

45. Undaunted by the walls of hostility I erected, you went out of your way to be my friend. Unwary, you broke down my defences and became my joy giver. You are unarguably awesome and inspiring, my best friend forever.

46. A real friend is not one who makes merry in good times or merely keeps in touch in tough times; it is one whose heart touches yours with no holds barred at all times. I’m glad our hearts connected in special ways, my best friend forever.

47. You believed in and stood by me when everyone else deserted me. Your consistency never failed to baffle me. Without you, this sinking ship would have been swallowed by the ocean of frustration. I’m glad you are my anchor, my best friend forever.

48. Adversity reveals true friends just as fair weather ones flock around in surplus time. In good and bad times, you stuck closer than glue. You are my best friend forever. You rock!

49. That you are very dear to my heart, is an open secret. I celebrate you, my priceless best friend forever, now and always. I bless the day we met.

50. You’ve always been there for me, my special friend. I want you to know you can always count on me too. We will always be there for each other, you are my best pal forever!

51. You never gave up on me, not once. I can’t find the words to describe your love, support and attention. Your tenacity finally paid off. You are an awesome best friend forever!

52. Thank you for nursing me through this awful bout of illness. I owe my survival and recovery to your care and devotion. I’m glad we aren’t just a roommate, but best friends forever.

53. Your word is your bond, this you’ve proved countless times. You match your words with action; faith with works. For real, you are an uncommon breed. I’m more than blessed to have you as my friend forever.

54. I trust you with my life, that’s saying a lot. You are that friend that I could walk within the dark, without fear. I’m glad we met on this side of eternity, my bestie of life forever.

55. You inspire me and motivate me so effortlessly. I am a better person already; radiating positivity and endless possibility. The sky is certainly within my grasp; all thanks to you, my amazing and talented best friend forever.

56. Quality friendship has no safety in number. The less, the merrier. Indeed, “a real friend is the one who walks in when the world walks out.” You are truly the best, my bestie of life forever!

57. Our friendship is like a slow ripening fruit, unfolding its exquisite sweetness each day. Ripe, juicy and fulsome; value-added with extras. I’m proud to call you my best friend forever.

58. You are a unique friend, special in every way. You do not know how to love by halves; its either all or nothing with you. You are an extraordinary best friend forever!

59. If I find myself in the middle of nowhere in the dead of night, with you by my side; I’d feel safe and secure. Your ingenuity will sort out our escape route. You are a genius, my champion and best friend forever.

60. Truly “it’s one of the blessings of old friends that you can afford to be stupid with them” without being embarrassed or apologetic. You are much more, you are my best friend forever!

Short Best Friends Quotes for Male Friend

That special guy who respects boundaries, loves, protects, and watches out for you is a guy in a million. Let him know how amazing he is with these cute short best friend forever quotes for a male buddy.

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61. A friend like you, who can find? One with whom I can strip myself naked without feeling the shame of full exposure or wariness of betrayal. Thanks for being my best friend forever.

62. Who else would know one’s quirks, shenanigans and misdemeanours and still this loyal and affectionate? Only you, dude. You are my best friend forever. I do not take your love for granted.

63. When one makes a fool of oneself before someone without feeling foolish, that person is truly a friend. Guy, you are my best friend forever. I’m glad we met and connected.

64. You know the song in my heart and sing it to me as it fades from my memory. You have the knack of completing all my sentences because you are my best friend forever.

65. You are my best friend forever. You get the title because the job description fits you like gloves. You know me all too well, my mood swings and how best to tackle them. You know when to be quiet and let me rant; dish some steaming home-brewed truth; care or help. You are a great buddy, bestie!

66. Like an art collector with rare paintings of Van Gogh or, Picasso; I’m hoarding this rare gift of amazing friendship to myself. I’m never letting you go for any price or prize in the world. You are my best guy forever.

67. Your friendship is more valuable to me than the paintings of Mona Lisa or Salvator Mundi. You are a gentleman to the core, a guy every lady would be proud to take home. You’re my best friend till forever.

68. Your friendship is the purest love I’ve ever experienced. Thank you, my dearest friend. I’m glad to have you as my protector and bestie of life.

69. For hanging in there with me, staying connected and for not forming too busy when I need your help, you are my best friend forever. Guy, you are a limited version of genuine friends among the male folk.

70. Like a numismatist with a rare coin, I’m hugging this friendship to myself forever. Your future wife is welcome to my heart. You are my bestie of life.

BFF Quotes for Female Friend

With a special lady as a bestie, it’s imperative to let her know you cherish her closeness with you. Thrill your bestie to the toes with cute BFF quotes for your female friend.

71. Your belief in me triggered my confidence in myself. Achieving the impossible happened because you gave me no other choice. Babe, you are my bestie of life; my personal angel in human form.

72. Choices we made the unveiling depth of commitment in friendship, unhampered by differences in gender, background or ideologies. We chose to remain inseparable and be each other’s keeper. I’m thrilled you’re my best friend forever. You’re the best, babe.

73. I’m proud to boldly declare you as my best friend ever. You are the sister I got to choose. Your lovely vibe attracted my tribe. Babe, you are phenomenal.

74. Life without a true friend like you is an awful world to live in. The world is so filled with too many frenemies masquerading as buddies, it’s refreshing to have you as my best friend forever.

75. With friends like you, enemies can take a walk to blazes. You are my bestie of life, gal. We will take on the world and conquer with the brilliance of our friendship!

76. Life is a leveller: a scandal, a traumatic ordeal, or a lingering problem, are revealers of real/fickle friends. You are the best friend any guy could wish for. My best friend forever. For the wonderful gift of your friendship, you rock!

77. You aren’t just a friend or another female pal; you are my second self. My twin sister from a different mother, my best friend forever.

78. Friends and fans stay put in times of adversity. Others are magicians who perfected the disappearing act tricks. You are my best fan, cheerleader, and my bestie of life forever.

79. You make me laugh so much that I have saved millions meant for antidepressants or pain relievers. You are a jolly good friend, my clown, chief comedian, and a lifesaver. I’m giving you a blank cheque of best friend forever.

80. Babe, you are my restraining officer, my one in a million pal! Thank you for curbing my excesses and toning down my wild streaks, no thanks to youthful exuberance. My life is devoid of regret, because of you. Glad you are my childhood friend and bestie of life.

Best Friend Forever Captions

How about letting your friend know they are your all-time favourite with these inspiring best friend forever captions?

81. Babe, you read me like a book. You can reel off the next chapter of my life without even blinking. The bond we share is like that of identical twins, like two peas in a pod. You are my best friend forever.

82. I’m delighted we met, bonded and held on. You aren’t just my friend, you are the sister I never had, my twinnie. I appreciate your uniqueness and love. You are my best friend forever.

83. We all need somebody to lean on, at one time or another. You are special in every way, my bestie of life. Thank you for your constant love and ever available shoulders; you deserve a gold medal!

84. Thank you for being an amazing friend. You are the daily dosage of caffeine I need in my system to function effectively. That’s why you are my best friend till eternity.

85. You are an incredible friend, my bestie of life. I feel so lucky to have you, I see God at work here. You are a wonderful gift that I’ll cherish forever.

86. How you manage to keep me sane in this messy world of bitter and crazy humans, beats me hands down. Thank you for being my best friend forever.

87. When providence brought us together, it proved to be a life-defining and turning moment for me. I have you and God to thank for how well I’ve turned out, my roomie and bestie of life forever.

88. You are such a treasure and I feel blessed to have you in my life. Thanks a bunch for being my best friend forever.

89. You are that friend who looks beyond the smiling facade to see the hidden pain. The one that reaches out to probe, then go out of your way to send the pain into oblivion. Bringing out the genuine radiant smile from my soul. You are my best friend forever, babe. I love you.

90. You bring out the best in me and inspire me to be an amazing person. Thank you for all the beauty roles you played in my life, girlfriend. I’m so delighted to have you as my bestie of life.

91. You were everything I aspired to be, so I summoned the courage to ask to be friends with you. Your wholesome kindness and graciousness made it happen. You are a generous and awesome best friend forever, buddy.

92. The list of your endearing attributes is endless. It’s really quite pointless to try. What I mustn’t fail to do is to tell you that you mean the world to me. You are an amazing bestie of life, buddy.

93. You are a unique friend, my right-hand buddy. Quiet, but with a great presence. Aloof looking, but always available for those you cherish and call friends. You are a priceless gem, my darling best friend forever.

94. You for being an integral part of my life, dude. Thank you for giving me the intriguing plots for my success story and the lyrics to my famous song. You rock, friend! You are my best friend forever.

95. You are the hero of my adventure story. Every fresh chapter of my life has you as a major theme, pal. You are the fragrance that gives me a breath of air in a foul world. Thanks, guy, for being an amazing bestie of life!

96. You are unequivocally my best friend forever. You constantly define, redefine and update the term. Thank you for being a wonderful support system. It’s no news that I’d have been shattered with no hope of redemption without you. You are my wingman, any day.

97. Your heart is as vast as the ocean and as pure as gold. A priceless friend like you is more expensive than hundreds of Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa. Thank you for the honour of being your best friend forever.

98. You are my friend, but I call you brother. It means you’ve crossed the line from friendship to bloodline. You are now my family. Thanks for being my pal, confidant, and number one fan. You are my best friend forever.

99. “No friendship is an accident”. Yours is “like a four-leaf clover; hard to find and lucky to have.” Thank you for being part of my history, believing and investing in my future and accepting me just as I am. You are my best friend forever.

100. “Good friends don’t let one do stupid things alone.” You are the friend that makes my life amazingly beautiful. My guy, right-hand pal and wingman at all times. Life is bearable, fun, colourful and awesome because you are my constant companion and buddy. You are my forever best friend.

101. We could have allowed our differences (background, ideologies, career path) to separate us; but we chose to remain inseparable and be each other’s keeper. I’m exhilarated to be your friend and thrilled we met, friend.

102. But for your selflessness, kindness and compassion, my life would have been in total shambles. Your special brand and display of friendship deserve a thumbs up. You are my heroine, my best friend forever. You rock!

103. At one time or the other, we all need somebody to lean on. My darling friend, thank you for your rock-solid, ever available shoulders. You deserve a medal!

104. I invaded your space and you graciously accommodated me. I tagged along, and you pulled me into your life because you chose to be kind. For real: you are an angel, my best friend forever!

105. In your unique book of friendship: forever is the code. Trust, love, openness and loyalty are the special features. Meeting you was the best jackpot ever. You are my bestie for life.

It’s such a delightful experience to write something cute, nice and loving to express your feelings to your rare gift of friendship, your incomparable best friend forever.

Letting them know how much they meant to you and how special they are and the impact they’ve had on your life is the best tonic for a cheerful heart and the best medicine to cure a gloomy one. Friendship is reinforced, enhanced and floated with love and appreciation.

I hope you’ve been able to choose appropriate ones for your darling best friends. Keep the fire of friendship burning!

Thank you so much for reading through and availing yourself of these best friends forever quotes. I sincerely hope you are satisfied with your choice. If you have any question or comment, kindly drop them. I will also appreciate it if you’ll share them with your friends and loved ones.

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