Graduation Quotes for Daughter

Best Graduation Quotes for Daughter in 2021

Finishing any good thing well calls for a celebration. And it’s a very beautiful thing to have a lovely daughter who works hard to achieve little things as she grows up; like making it through to graduation, and it’s very pleasant for you, the parent to watch.

Sometimes, the best gift for your daughter to mark an event like this may not even be in the size of the box or the amount of money spent but the kind words you bless her heart with.

Before you start thinking of what to do after your daughter’s graduation, how about you live in the moment, celebrate with her and make your daughter know that you’re proud of her? How about you consider what your daughter would love to hear you say, what she’ll look back at and appreciate you for saying?

Here, so many original quotes and ideas are compiled so parents can have the right words to say to their children at graduation, so parents won’t make the mistake of saying words to never say to a child, so parents can wish them happy graduation in a creative and trendy way this year 2021.

So, you really want the best of quotes to wish your daughter happy graduation in creative ways in 2021? You really want something hot to say at her graduation party? Then, go through these best graduation quotes for daughter and you will find more than you planned for.

Graduation Quotes from Parents to Daughter

Parents looking for cute, creative and special quotes for the graduation of their daughters will find both long and short ones here. No matter the beautiful words you want to say to your daughter on her graduation as a mother or father, these graduation quotes from parents to daughter are perfect for you to use.

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1. Today, you’re marking the completion of something great, something almost everyone would celebrate. Your dad and I would like to use this opportunity to remind you of our love for you and our dedication to helping you achieve more, as we have helped with this. Congratulations to you. We pray you enjoy the best outside of college.

2. From the day you were born, we saw you achieving many great things. All you’ve done so far is little compared to what’s ahead of you, trust us. We are, through this, wishing you happy graduation and blessing you with life and prosperity as you go on to take on the world. You are always on our mind, and we love you. You should know that would never change.

3. Today is a day to celebrate a unique and beautiful girl, a girl that has made us prouder. So many people have great things to say about you today, girl, and your parents are not left out. We thank you for being the amazing lady that you are and we are watching to see you get that great future ahead of you. Happy graduation to my sweet, pretty, little daughter.

4. You’re a shooting star, dear daughter, fierce and unstoppable, coated in this beautiful and cool lady. You are just all your mom and I prayed for. Or rather, you are more than what we prayed for. It’s beautiful watching you grow and glow. As we celebrate your graduation today, we pray that God continues to take you to higher heights. Happy graduation, dear.

5. Happy graduation to this girl that’s set for greatness. We can’t wait to celebrate the many more things that are coming to you. We use this medium to assure you that we will support your dreams in all the ways we can. We wish you happy graduation. And I’ll get a special gift for you for this occasion. Just wait for it. I’m proud of you, my daughter.

6. I’m excited over progress. How much more excited over the progress of a daughter that I love dearly and heavily? Happy graduation, dear.

7. God is blessing with so many things, but this graduation is a special blessing to me. Happy graduation, girl. Only goodness will follow you as you go on.

8. So many people are graduating from your school today, and among them stands a girl I would not trade for anything in the world, my beautiful and sweet daughter. Congrats on your graduation.

9. You inspire me in beautiful ways, my daughter. I celebrate a lot about you, and right now, I celebrate your graduation. Have a blast, my daughter.

10. Happy graduation, girl. Can you promise me that you’ll keep winning and achieving? That’s you’ll never stop? You can count on me for support anytime. Enjoy your graduation, my dear daughter.

11. It’s with pride and joy that I say happy graduation to you. I pray for you that you will only keep going higher, and I can’t wait to celebrate with you again when you get home.

12. Happy graduation to the princess of the house. I can’t contain my excitement right now. I’m a proud mother to a daughter that have completed university. Keep making me proud.

13. My daughter, nothing I invest in you makes me sad because the yield is always great. You have aced through school and I celebrate that with you today! Happy graduation.

14. We join you to celebrate this pleasant achievement today, daughters. May this certificate bring you plenty of good. Happy graduation to you, dear daughter.

15. For coming out victorious after everything that you went through in school, I think God. Happy graduation to you, my daughter. More heights for you and all of us. Amen.

Graduation Letters from Mom or Dad to Daughter

Whether you’re a mom or dad, one great way to spice up your daughter’s graduation is with beautiful letters, and you can get them from these graduation letters from mom or dad to daughter.

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16. Dear daughter,
You’ve been through one important institution, and we’re glad we are here to celebrate the successful completion of it. You’re a star and we know you’ll keep shining.
Your mom and I congratulate you today and wish you the best as you go into the world. We love you and you should always know it.
Your Parents.

17. My sweet daughter,
Congratulations, today, on the successful completion of your degree programme. Congratulations on all the wins you had while in college. Congratulations on making us proud at so many different times.
We are proud of you, girl. Outside school may not give you the best of chances, but we trust you will right your way through. And I’ll be here to support every step of the way.
From your mom.

18. Darling daughter,
The school was not as smooth as the heaven for you, but you rocked it. You got great grades. You set an example for your younger siblings.
Thanks for not letting this family down. We’re praying you reach all the heights you want to reach. The good God that brought you this far will take you to heights you never thought you could get to. Amen.
Daddy loves you.

19. My sweet daughter,
You are one gift to me that I don’t mess with. I have lost a lot, but having you in my life just makes me know I haven’t lost everything.
I have waited for this day when I will write this letter to congratulate you on the successful completion of your university course, and it’s finally here. I’m excited and I can’t wait to celebrate with you when you get home.
From your lovely mother.

20. (Insert daughter’s name),
It feels like its forever since you started college. I waited to see the end impatiently, and here we are today. I congratulate you.
I pray for you that life outside the school will be filled with so much goodness for you. You are a star and your light will never be put out. I love you and I’m looking out for you, girl.
Your dad.

21. My daughter, it’s with excitement that I’m screaming congratulations at you through this letter. You have done your part to find a place in the world. I pray it only bring the best results. Amen. Mommy loves you.

22. Dear daughter, it’s been your dream to finish college and now you have done it successfully, and not just that, but you came out with the best grades! Congratulations from me and the rest of the family. With love from dad.

23. My sweet little girl, you’re making progress and it’s just so beautiful to watch you as you do so. Congratulations. Remember that life won’t always be fair, but also remember that you can be anything you want to be! From mom.

24. My daughter, today is a beautiful day for me because you are the one being celebrated today. I will be present at your graduation, but I must say congratulations as early as possible, hence this letter. May you have a happy graduation. Dad.

25. (Insert daughter’s name,) I know you’re excited about today. We are too, and we’re wishing and hoping that this excitement remains as you go through life, because it’s our prayer that you keep winning out there. Happy Graduation. From mom and dad.

26. Baby girl, I’ve seen you go through stages and I’ve seen you come out better. I know you’re graduating with more knowledge to go through life. I wish you the best in all you do henceforth. I love you and I’m praying for you, my daughter. Happy graduation from daddy.

27. Dear (insert daughter’s name,) I won’t be at your graduation today, but daddy will. He will be there to shower you with love from him and I. I congratulate you and I can’t wait to see you again. From your mom.

28. My pretty daughter, I love how you’re making efforts to be the best at everything you do, just as you did in college. I pray that you’ll be heavily rewarded for your efforts and I wish you happy graduation. Dad.

29. My only daughter, the smiles on my face today are because you just successfully completed college. I know the smiles won’t go because you’ll keep doing great as you go through life, giving me more reasons to smile. I love you, daughts. From dad.

30. My sweet girl, you have proven to us that you are good at so many things. I have heard and read about you from your teachers. Now, go on and keep making us proud. May all you can do bring you profits. With love from your mother.

Graduation Toasts for Daughter from Mom and Dad

If you need creative ideas as a mom or dad to make a toast at the celebration of your daughter’s graduation, you can get some for yourself from these graduation toasts for daughter from mom and dad.

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31. It’s a pleasure to have one of our own do so great at academics. We are indeed proud of the lady our smart and pretty daughter is growing to be and we are glad that our friends and family are here to celebrate this lady with us. So this toast is to more achievements, great work and business experience, and profits for her and, not just for her, but also for every single one of us gathered here today. Cheers.

32. Whenever one of us achieves something new. I am happy. One, because one of us is doing well, two, because I can proudly associate with that person, and three, because gain for one of us is gain for all of us. I want us to have this on our minds, that my daughter’s certificate is our certificate, and let’s celebrate it like it’s ours. I’m toasting to prosperity and joy and peace to enjoy all the good that will come to my daughter and all of us. Cheers.

33. Every father would be proud to have a daughter grow and grow well. I am not left out. I’m glad and proud today and looking at all these bright faces, I know you all share in my joy and pride. This is a toast to a bright future for my daughter and to her making the most of opportunities to come her way. It is also to long life and prosperity for us all. Join us to celebrate. Cheers!

34. We are thankful to God for making us see this great and beautiful day. We are thankful to him for seeing my daughter through another stage of her life. We have seen His do beautiful things for us and we trust him to do even more, especially in the life of my daughter who we have gathered to celebrate today. This is to more wins for her! And to pleasant graduation to all who wants to graduate from college just like she have done. Cheers!

35. I am a happy woman. I stand here with joy in what my daughter has just achieved. Many wish to have what she has now but they can’t have it. I thank God for giving this to her. We all came to celebrate, do as we celebrate, I propose a toast to more celebrations of our daughter and our children. I toast to better days ahead for her and everyone present here. Cheers.

36. I’m raising my glasses as you will raise yours now to propose this toast to my sweet daughter. May the best and only the best keep coming to you. Congratulations on your graduation. Cheers.

37. To more strength to achieve, to more wisdom, to more opportunities and to making the best of them, do I propose this toast. Cheers to a great life ahead of you, my daughter, and all of us.

38. I propose this toast to the future successes of my daughter. I know that life with deliver punches to her, but I’m proposing this toast to her bouncing back. Congratulations on your graduation, dear. Cheers!

39. We are gathered here with joy to celebrate the graduation this sweet girl that I call my daughter. So join me as I toast to more celebrations of graduations and more in this family, especially for the celebrant. Cheers.

40. It’s beautiful to celebrate and I love celebrating. This glass is raised to toast to my daughter getting all she needs. May this graduation bring good to her and the family. Cheers.

41. My daughter, I celebrate you today, even though your graduation was days ago. Everyone, lift your glasses and let’s drink to more reasons to celebrate my daughter. Cheers.

42. Most of us have dreams, just like my daughter here. Cheers to my daughter on her graduation and us all on all our dreams because we will achieve them just like my daughter.

43. I’m sure if you look into the mind of my daughter right now, you will see that she wishes us good things. So this is a toast to her to celebrate her graduation and to everyone for joining us to celebrate.

44. I’m happy toasting to more joy, in the life of my daughter and of all of us here. Her joy is full today, and it will only increase, just like the joy of everyone here will too! Happy graduation to her. Cheers!

45. I’m proposing a toast to more reasons to propose a toast at celebrations. I celebrate my daughter’s graduation today and I know we will have more reasons to celebrate. Cheers.

Congratulatory Texts for Daughter’s Graduation

Some hot and creative congratulatory texts for daughter’s graduation to congratulate your daughter on her graduation are right here for you to use whenever you want!

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46. Every day for the past few years had you looking forward to today, and now we’re here to see you as an achiever! Congratulations to you. I and your dad also looked forward to today and we’re happy to see it. We will have more reasons to congratulate you in the future. That’s our prayer for you.

47. Today, we congratulate you on a special celebration. You have given the school a good shot, and you’ve rounded up with it today! We have been proud of you, but this has made us prouder. Happy graduation to you, my daughter and congratulations once again. Mommy loves you.

48. I know you will wake up to this text congratulating you on your graduation today. I’m congratulating you this early because I’m excited to know that my last daughter is done with college, and so excited that I couldn’t wait for the day to break. I pray this brings so many good things to your life, my dear daughter. Congratulations to you.

49. I’m congratulating you for graduating from college, and not for only that, but also for graduating at such a young age. My darling daughter, in you, I see a girl who is going to have a great life, and I have seen signs that convince me of that. Congratulations on the great future ahead of you too, dearie.

50. Congratulations on your graduation, girl. Your teachers have praised you and so have your colleagues. I and your mom also have praises for you. And there are more people with praises for you. The world is waiting for you, girl. Go and show them the awesomeness in you!

51. Congratulations on your graduation, baby girl. Keep getting more and showing the world what you got! I wish you more reasons to celebrate.

52. Congrats to you on this beautiful celebration. I feel so glad knowing that you are now a university graduate! Keep shining as you go through life!

53. The world is waiting for you. Go and be that light that they need! Congratulations to you, from your mom and dad. We love you so much.

54. This message is sending congratulations from me and the family to you. There is so much excitement at home, and it’s because of your graduation. Congratulations, darling daughter.

55. The world is too little for you to not conquer. If you can shine in school, I believe you can shine anywhere, my daughter. This message is to say congratulations from your mom.

56. There is joy in this family! You’re the first child to graduate from university and that means so much to us. So while I’m saying congrats to you, I’m also saying it to the family.

57. This is just one out of the many things you will successfully complete, baby girl, trust me. Congratulations to you and your classmates as you all graduate today.

58. My daughter, to be honest, graduation never looked this amazing on any girl in the world. Congratulations on your graduation. More blessings I pray on you.

59. Congratulations on your graduation today. It means a lot to us in the family, and I’m sure your friends too. You are building an amazing woman and we’ll always be here to support you.

60. God just keeps blessing us in this house. Today, it’s your graduation and while I thank God for bringing you to this point, I congratulate you!

Graduation Prayers for Daughter from Parents

As a parent, it’s your duty to say prayers for your children, and you can be sure that your daughter would love to get one or more of these graduation prayers for daughter from parents on her graduation.

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61. For all the stress you went through in school and all the efforts you put into graduating successfully, you’ll be rewarded. Things may not go as planned, but God will only bring the best your way. May you successfully complete anything you start, just as you have completed this. In Jesus’ name, I have prayed for you, my sweet daughter. Happy graduation to you.

62. My prayers for you, my daughter, are these: (i) that your time in school so far won’t be wasted, (ii) that your progress doesn’t stop, (iii) that this graduation brings many favours to you, and (iv) that you will be everything you have set out to be. I love you, my daughter and I wish you happy graduation.

63. May all good things come to you, and may things become easier to achieve. May you always find help whenever you need it. Life will be on a row when it comes to giving you good things. I know all the angels are on your side, so I have no fears for your future. Happy graduation to my beautiful daughter.

64. My daughter, you have made me proud today. I pray you continue to make us proud. May all who look at you see someone who deserves favours and all good things. Happy graduation to your my daughter.

65. Happy graduation to you, daughter. Keep shining and excelling in Jesus’ name. My prayers are for you to keep living in joy and peace. Amen.

66. Many beautiful things are coming your way, my dear daughter. I pray that you’ll enjoy them. I pray that you’ll enjoy life forever, in Jesus’ name. Happy graduation to you.

67. This is to let you know that my prayers of more success in life are for you. Today and every day after it will see you smiling and happy and blessed! Amen. Happy graduation, my daughter.

68. Now you’ll find yourself in a world that’s bigger than your school. I pray that you’ll find all the wisdom and strength to navigate through it beautifully. Happy graduation to my daughter.

69. You’ve been a source of pride to this family. May your children also bring pride to you, and even more! May you enjoy the best things in life! Happy graduation to you, my daughter.

70. May your day be peaceful and joyful and may your life after this stage be filled with bliss. Amen. Happy graduation to you, my daughter.

71. You were created to be great and you’ve lived up to God’s expectations so far. I pray that you continue to live up to it! Amen. Happy graduation, my great daughter.

72. Happy graduation to you, my daughter. I know you have a very great future ahead. I pray that you’d not lose that future in Jesus’ name. Amen.

73. My daughter, you’re beautiful, so I pray you have a beautiful life. You’re great, and I pray that you’ll enjoy greatness only from now on. Happy graduation to you.

74. I’ll never stop praying for you, my sweet little girl, but let this send my prayers for favour to you. Enjoy a favoured life! Amen. Happy graduation!

75. Hey, my sweet daughter. I pray you would keep being the star that you are and I pray that you only shine brighter and brighter. Amen. Happy graduation to you!

Graduation Speech to Daughter From Parents

As a parent, you may need a graduation speech for your daughter. Get these best graduation speech to daughter from parents to use on her graduation.

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76. My daughter, you’re entering another unique stage in life, and I’m glad that you are. As I celebrate you, I want to remind you that you have a whole world ahead of you and your choices go a long way to determine how you would go through it. Please, as much as you can, make the best choices. Happy graduation to you.

77. Dear daughter, if I say I’m not proud of you, I’ll be lying. You have done well and I’m glad to call you my daughter. All I want you to promise me is that you’ll keep making yourself proud and making us proud of you. I want you to never stop being the amazing young lady that you are. Happy graduation to you.

78. My daughter, apart from the fact that you’re my daughter, you have given me so many reasons to love you! Please, as you go through life, never lose faith in the truth that you are a special person. Use what you know and what you have learnt to bring good to yourself and the world around you. And for your excellent scores, keep it up! Happy graduation, girl.

79. My daughter, do you know what this means to me? That you completed university after these few hard years? Your successes are mine and I celebrate like I’m celebrating my own graduation. Remember, my girl, that you are all you need to live your best life! Go into the world and conquer it! Happy graduation to you.

80. My daughter, happy graduation to you. I want you to do all you can to be happy as you go through life. You’re going to have a lot of successes, just like this one. Please, celebrate every success, no matter how little they are. That should help you in staying happy. And never forget God, who brought you this far. I love you so much.

81. Mt daughter. Congratulations on your graduation. Opportunities will come your way. Make the most of them and be careful as you go through life. You’re doing well, trust me.

82. My daughter, there’s a lot I can say to you now, but I should remind you that the world is not always what you think it is. Stay strong and prayerful and all will be well. Happy graduation.

83. My sweet daughter, you’re a valuable asset to your world. Keep your value up, for your good and the good of those around you. Congratulations on your graduation.

84. My darling daughter, your mom and I are glad to stand here today to say congratulations to you. We’re hoping for the best for you, baby girl. Don’t make our expectations to crash. Happy graduation.

85. My daughter, your dad has beautiful things to say about you; me too. Keep putting smiles on faces even as you keep climbing to higher levels. Congrats on your graduation.

86. My dear daughter, there’s a lot of beautiful things about you. Life will try to take them from you, but stay strong. You’re stronger than you think. Happy graduation.

87. My daughter, do you know that there’s no other person that is like you? You hold a unique spot in my heart, and you’ll always have my support. So I want you to go through life with confidence because daddy’s got you. Happy grad.

88. My daughter, it’s obvious you’re shooting for the stars! Keep soaring and never stop. Happy graduation to you.

89. Daughter, I think of you and I’m blown away. You’re beautiful and intelligent, a great combination. There’s more I can say about you, but for now, let me just say happy graduation to you.

90. My daughter, let it not be heard that life beat you. Keep fighting until you win. And yes, rest sometimes, so you can keep fighting well. Happy graduation to you.

Graduation Quotes and Wishes for Daughter In-law

Your daughter-in-law will so much love to see a quote or wish from you to celebrate her graduation. And you can find the best of all graduation quotes and wishes for daughter-in-law right here and right now!

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91. Happy graduation to you, my daughter-in-law. You’ve done so well that everyone will want to associate with you. Keep doing well.

92. My son married the most intelligent of women, and you’re proving me right. Congratulations on this degree. Happy graduation to you.

93. I knew you were one to aspire for more. As you keep reaching out for more, my daughter-in-law, may you keep getting them. Happy graduation to you.

94. I’m glad that someone I consider family is growing well and doing well. Happy graduation to you, my daughter-in-law. May life outside school treat you well.

95. Happy graduation to you, my daughter and daughter-in-law. You’re an ambassador of how great women are. Keep shining like the star that you are.

96. May your life as you go forward be sweeter and better. May you find all you need to have a good life. Amen. Happy graduation to you, my daughter-in-law.

97. You’re consciously making attempts to be better and greater and I celebrate you for it. I celebrate your graduation too! Have a blessed and happy one.

98. Happy graduation to you, girl. My son is proud of you and so am I! May you keep achieving success in whatever you go into.

99. You’re finally a graduate! I’ve waited for this, and now I thank God for bringing it to pass at this time. Happy birthday to the best daughter-in-law ever!

100. I’m sure that school felt your impact! Keep impacting lives as you go on. Happy graduation to you, my daughter-in-law.

This is a long read, I know, but a helpful one too. Now, you have what to say at your daughter’s graduation in 2021. You have the best choice of words. Thanks to these quotes.

If you want to thank me for the quotes, there’s something I’d love you to do for me. Can you share this with as many of your friends as possible, especially those with daughters? You never know who may need it. Thanks.

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